Reflections available in a couple of weeks!

Hurrah!  Any day now I will have the proof copy of Reflections in my hands!  It’s such an exciting, yet nervous, feeling.  Release date is currently set for Sept 15th.  As I await this with sweating brow I am feverishly working on the updating and revisions to A Tarnished Image, the sequel to Reflections.

For a series of stories I had no intention of ever revising this has taken on a life of its own.  I find myself embroiled in battling commas in places they were never meant to be, coaxing characters to confess more of their innermost thoughts and feelings, and exploring others in greater detail (look out Wickham!).

If I am finding ATI to be challenging in this editing phase, be sure that the final story (Parallels) will be even more so!  The first two stories were set in 1995. I wrote them in 1997/98 so that is pretty straightforward. The third, however, jumps ahead 20 years.  In 1998 you can well imagine that no thought entered my head of how communications technology would have shaped our current society in that period of time!  Thus my revisions must address the phenomenon of text messaging, iPads, Skype and video calling, and how that must now be considered in a story that focusses on the relationships between people.  Communication plays such a large role in how people understand one another, how they form relationships and sustain them.  To ignore such a huge difference between the 2015 I wrote 15 years ago and the real world of today would be doing an injustice to my readers, my characters and myself.

All of that will come in due time. I must thank my editor, Mary Anne, for her work with me in vetting Reflections.  Also Zuki for the fantabulous job she did in creating the cover art!  Ellen, thanks for the final stage punctation and grammar check as well as your feedback on my other queries.  Ladies, you are invaluable!

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  1. Linda:

    I am so excited to hear about your book, a story I read online when you were posting it long ago. So happy you were willing to participate in this little game! And thanks for tagging me back!

    Barbara Tiller Cole

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